Saturday, 30 May 2015

Beautiful Cockerel or betta Fishes Photos

Beautiful Cockerel or bettaFishes Photos
Cockerel or betta (Betta splendes) - the birthplace of the fish are small warm fresh waters of South East Asia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Malay Peninsula and the islands of Indonesia.
Pat fish known since ancient times as a fighting - in Thailand were public "cockfighting". Now they are prohibited by law in the city, but still in the countryside and the outskirts of Bangkok, you can still see these fights. For duels use only males who are more bright colors, longer and bushy tails and fins than females.
With its bright colors, interesting behavior, and unusual form of long-fin bettas are popular with hobbyists. And their ability to live in "spartan conditions" (without the filter and compressor) encourages vendors often recommend these fish for beginners.

This kind of detachment labyrinth, which differ ability to breathe atmospheric air. This is possible thanks to a special body - the maze. Because of the possibility to absorb the atmosphere, these fish are not afraid of high carbon dioxide content in the water.
Despite the fact that males are slaughtered each other to death, males can be maintained with small tetras, barbs and viviparous fish. Yet it is not necessary to keep them with aggressive or large barbs (Sumatran, fiery, black) and minors. Bettas can be kept in the general warm-water aquarium, they usually do not touch other fish (if you do not guard the nest), but must take into account that the cockerel male should be only one, but the females can be planted a few.
In all its glory cockerel appears only during a fight with his rival, or during spawning. But to see the outfit cock in all its glory, does not necessarily give the males at the mercy of each other. You can simply hang a mirror in which the rooster will take its reflection for another male.

Cockerel - fish do not last, she does not live more than 3 years, and then dies.