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Rescued: Orphaned Baby Dolphin!

Rescued: Orphaned Baby Dolphin!

An adorable orphan baby dolphin was rescued in Uruguay. Read on to hear her story, and how YOU can help! Plus, she's so cute you won't believe it.
 An adorable orphan baby dolphin was rescued in Uruguay. Read on to hear her story, and how YOU can help! Plus, she's so cute you won't believe it.

1. Baby Dolphin Found

 This adorable, one week old baby dolphin was found on the beach in Uruguay. The baby was found with her umbilical cord still attached! She suffered injuries and displacement from her family due to a fishing net. It makes us sad to think that the reason she is orphaned and alone is because of a human error. Regardless, we're glad that she was rescued and taken to a marine wildlife rehabilitation center.

2. Little Nipper

 At the rescue, this sweet baby dolphin was named Nipper. She is a special type of dolphin, called a La Plata. Unfortunately, about two to four thousand La Plata dolphins die each year due to human interference in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of South America. Here, Nipper can be seen with the head of the marine wildlife rehabilitation center (called SOS Rescate de Fauna Marina), Richard Tesore.

3. Bottle Feeder

 Nipper is so young, she had to be bottle fed! She's also a bottle-nosed dolphin - and she is so cute. Could you imagine caring for a baby dolphin?

4. A Dangerous Catch

 Nipper has become a symbol of animals everywhere who are susceptible to dangers caused by humans. Unfortunately, she has a very small chance of survival since she was separated from her mother at such a young age. She is so sweet, we are all hoping for the best!

5. Tiny Friends

 Nipper makes friends with another rescued marine animal, a baby penguin! Look how intrigued the penguin looks, and how happy Nipper is. We hope they stay friends forever.

6. Time for a Swim

 After getting her strength and health back, it was time to teach Nipper to swim! The rescuers had to pretend to be dolphins and teach the little one how to swim in the ocean. Guess where she started her training? In a kiddie pool!

7. Flipper

 Soon enough, Nipper was swimming and flipping like a champ! She even braved some waves. Dolphins are one of the smartest animals, which is part of the reason she was able to learn so quickly. It takes human babies months to learn to walk!

8. The Sweetest Thing

 This photo is just too cute. Nipper looks happy, healthy, and growing! She's under care 24/7, and is bottle fed every three hours. Despite how well she seems to be doing, the prognosis is not great.

9. A Gentle Hero

After 12 days of diligent and loving care, little Nipper passes away due to hypothermia and breathing difficulty. It's so sad, but rescued baby dolphins only have a 20% chance of survival. This is why Nipper has become a hero - she is now a perfect story of why humans need to be more careful. The whole reason she had to be rescued is because some hasty fishermen harmed her.

10. How You Can Help

Nipper's story is so sad - but you can help! Dolphins are amazing creatures, and there are some simple changes you can make in your daily life to help them thrive. First, RECYCLE! Next, try to save water. If you really love marine animals, we recommend that you stop eating fish all together. Fishing causes the most marine deaths! Alternatively, you can donate to an animal rescue foundation, or the World Wildlife Fund.
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