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20 Messages from Space Explorers to future generations ( International Day of Human Space Flight April 12 )

The United Nations (UN) celebrates the International Day of Human Space Flight on April 12 each year. The day remembers the first human space flight on April 12, 1961.
Statue of Yuri Gagarin, the world's first cosmonaut to have travelled in outer space.

International Day of Human Space Flight was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2011. Establishment of this observance aims to reaffirm the importance of contribution of space science and technology in achieving sustainable development goals, increase the well-being of Member States and peoples and ensure the realization of their aspiration to maintain outer space for peaceful purposes.

Promotion of further exploration of outer space in peaceful purposes is one of the main goals of the UN, since all countries get benefit from it. And annual observation of International Day of Human Space Flight should inspire young people to pursue their dreams and move towards the frontier of knowledge and understanding.
YURI GAGARIN (9 March 1934 – 27 March 1968) Russian Federation The first human to travel into outer space Vostok 1, 12 April 1961

20 Messages from Space Explorers to future generations


United States of America, 1985 Spacelab 2 (STS-51F) 

“We all, every human, start as a tiny baby knowing nothing but with a marvellous ability to learn. Be humble, as most of what we know is a gift of others. May your humility lead to understanding and happiness and your learning to great and worthy accomplishments. Our universe is wide and wonderful, love it, appreciate it, understand it, care for it.” 

[Signed] 13 November 2012


Russian Federation, Space flights: 1976 — Soyuz 22 and 1980 — Soyuz T-2 and Salyut-6 “It is now 50 years since mankind went into Space, into the expanses of the Universe, in search of new knowledge and achievements. In order to ensure its future on Earth, mankind must: 1. Understand that Space and the whole Universe constitute a most complex system, which was brought into being by its Creator, the one God, and which lives and develops in accordance with His law. 2. As individuals living on Earth, understand that mankind is an integral part of the whole Universe and must, in their lives, obey the basic laws according to which Space and the whole Universe lives and develops. 3. Such an understanding will allow mankind to rise to new heights of understanding and to provide for its future                                                                             development.”[Signed] 9 October 2009


Bulgaria, OK ‘MIR’ 7-17 June 1988

“Let us save our beautiful planet for future generations!”

[Signed] 5 September 2011


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, STS-51

 “We welcome the age of new space exploration, and hope this will bring us all closer as people of one planet, living together in peace and prosperity.”

[Signed] 5 November 2012


Kazakhstan, Soyus TM-13, 2-10 October 1991

 “A world without borders!”

[Signed] 5 September 2011


Russian Federation, Mir Orbital Station (1998), International Space Station (2001)

“Fly farther than we did. Return with success. Maintain the international cooperation in space research that we established!”

[Signed] 9 October 2009


United States of America, STS-61C, STS-31, STS-45, STS-60

“You are now a part of a new era of space exploration and I hope you will take advantage of every opportunity to make your mark on our future. Set your goals high, study hard, and never be afraid of failure!”

[Signed] Do all you can With what you have In the time that you have In the place that you are! Nkosi Johnso


Canada, STS-42 Discovery

“The pastel colours of planet Earth inspire us to pursue greater heights. Reach for the stars and we will see you there!”


United States of America, STS-129 - Atlantis

 “May you join us in the creation of a future where the human exploration of space exceeds all our wildest dreams and expectations!”

[Signed] 13 December 2013


United States of America, STS-106 (2000), STS-115 (2006), ISS Expedition 29, 30 (2011-2012)

“Seeing the borderless Earth from space, I can’t help but feel optimism about our future. Dream big and do great things, worthy of who you are, and from where you came, and humanity’s future will be in good hands.”
[Signed] 29 November 2013


United States of America, STS-118, TMA18, Expeditions 23 and 24

 “Find more than you lose, fix more than you break, listen more than you talk, and thank God for where you are.”

[Signed] 12 January 2014


Japan, STS-87 (1997), STS-123 (2008)

“Reach for the stars!”

[Signed] 12 April 2012


Belgium, TM34-TMA1 Oct. 2002, ISS Exp 20-21 May-Dec. 2009

 “Human exploration of the Solar System with all societies on Earth for the benefit of All. Our contribution to Humanity!”

[Signed] 8 September 2011


United States of America, STS-7 Space Shuttle Challenger 1983, STS-51G Space Shuttle Discovery 1985

 “Always do your best. Never believe you can’t. Choose the right way to spend your time. Reject things that lead nowhere. Listen to your mother!”

[Signed] 6 September 2011


China, Space flight mission of Shen Zhou 6

 “Warrior of space exploration Future of human welfare!”

[Signed] 6 September 2011

Sweden, STS-116, STS-128
“Dear spacefarers of the future, Planet Earth seen from above is incredibly beautiful and is the pearl of our solar system. Here is the cradle of humankind — but it is now time to explore further out! I wish you all success in building upon what previous spacefarers from all parts of the world have accomplished — further to Mars, to better knowledge about life and the universe, to settlements on other celestial bodies!”
[Signed] 3 December 2013

Italy, STS-75 (1996), STS-100 (2001) “When they are preparing for re-entry, all astronauts, be they Russian or American, Japanese or European, simply say “we’re going home”. To venture beyond the Earth, to see it isolated in the infinite darkness of space, makes you feel a very strong sense of affinity with the human race. A species able to dream and, now and again, able to realize its dreams, particularly when they can overcome ethnic, faith-related and cultural differences. For that reason, I wish that the experience of travelling in space could one day be within the grasp of all of humanity. Only a species that has overcome its own divisions could hope to conquer the challenge of the                                                                             stars. [Signed] 10 November 2013


Mongolia, Soyuz-39

 “The planet is a common home for all.”

[Signed] 5 September 2011


Poland, Soyuz 30 — Salyut 6, 27/06/1978 - 05/07/1978

 “Defend nature on Earth. Use natural resources responsibly. Cautiously colonize the Moon and Mars for natural resources; the production of materials which would be damaging on Earth and energy. Do not build human settlements on other planets, but on Earth by rivers, lakes and in woods. Live in peace and friendship with other peoples and with extraterrestrials.”

[Signed] 9 October 2009


Russian Federation, International Space Station Expeditions 29 and 30

“Through the exploration of outer space, the international community will contribute to the growth of trust and mutual understanding among the representatives of different peoples, cultures and faiths.”

[Signed] 9 November 2012

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